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Elevate your API docs & guides to the next level using the power of a Headless CMS.

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"Wouldn’t it be great if the marketing function could improve our API docs and guides?"

API docs & guides should no longer be sidelined

Want to enable the marketing function to help manage your guide content? Using a Content Management System (CMS) brings a lot of benefits into play including automated SEO, content management lifecycle and adding relevant marketing content (e.g. links to commercial pages).


Key Benefits

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Beautiful API Docs & Guides

Bring your API docs & guides into the 21st century with a beautiful bespoke design, easily updated by non-technical teams.

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Blazingly Quick Page Loads

Developers want a fast page load. Your API docs & guides should be no different. Enjoy building on a Headless CMS architecture designed for speed.

Enhanced SEO Benefits

Your API docs & guides should be easily accessible to search engines. Enjoy baked-in SEO that indexes well and helps ensure your content is found.

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Loved by the Marketing Team

With the marketing team on board they can ensure that these pages are optimised and support the commercial goals of the business.

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Auto Swagger / OAS ingestion

Integrates with your git repo and publishes updates whenever the Swagger or OpenAPI spec files change.

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Improved Navigation & Search

Includes an extensive navigation system and powerful search that allows users to search across all guides and API references with ease.

Peter Coppinger - Co-Founder and Investor of Contento
Peter Coppinger - CEO

We now have the best API docs in our sector. Not only do our docs look great, but are statically generated which means they are blazingly fast. All in all a very impressive improvement - all powered by Contento, a Headless CMS our non-devs can easily use.

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Upgrade your API docs & guides

Don’t judge a book by the cover they say. We are not so sure.

We feel that beautifully designed API docs & guides, that load quickly, are up-to-date and easy to search sends a stronger signal than the average API docs & guides you see most of the time.

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