Making teams that deliver client work efficient, organized, profitable and happy is a simple all-in-one platform to help you manage, streamline, and optimize every aspect of client work. is trusted by over 20,000 companies worldwide with a global team of over 350 employees, making project management more straightforward, efficient, and impactful with their project planning software that easily integrates with most leading applications (including HubSpot).

Remote - HQ in Ireland

Teamworks' Challenges

As a leading software application they take a best-in-class approach to all of their work. It became clear to them that their API docs and guides fell a little short on this ambition. While using a market leading provider, migrating to a Headless CMS like Contento offered a compelling upgrade without losing any of the core features offered by the incumbent.

The prospect of marrying beautiful design, blazingly quick load times and an intuitive CMS to manage and maintain the content represented an attractive proposition.

Technical Info

The main aim of switching over to Contento was to create a strong base for their long term content marketing plans and growth of their website. They wanted an easier system for their staff to use and also took advantage of our free template to update their front end design and give their website a more modern look.

Deployed on Vercel, they now have a super fast, static site with well-organised content modelling ready for the growth of their website.



Swagger / OAS


Contento Support

Contento supported the migration process, and were also involved in the design ensuring that the new API docs and guides were easy on the eye as well as being fast to load.

The Contento team ensured that the project went smoothly and was low-touch in terms of demands on the team as the majority of the migration and upgrade was able to proceed without heavy involvement from

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Automatic Swagger / OAS ingestion and rendering

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Customisable, automatically generated code examples

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Extensive content modelling to manage their library of guides

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Rich, beautifully designed content blocks to use across the site

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Detailed SEO schema, automatically generated on all pages

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Site-wide search

Peter Coppinger - Co-Founder and Investor of Contento
Peter Coppinger - CEO

Our API docs look great, are fast to load and by using a Headless CMS (Contento) it means that we can let non-technical users easily manage and maintain our guides in parallel.


Upgrade your API docs & guides

Don’t judge a book by the cover they say. We are not so sure.

We feel that beautifully designed API docs & guides, that load quickly, are up-to-date and easy to search sends a stronger signal than the average API docs & guides you see most of the time.

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