Developer Portal with API Docs & Guides all in one place

Let the marketing team manage your docs and guides in an intuitive content management system designed for non-technical users, with additional built-in features like SEO and Visual Preview.

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Put your best foot forward with the best API docs in your space

Looking for great looking docs and guides, powered by a modern CMS, enabling the marketing team to support content management and maintenance? Help Docs provides a blazingly quick site, bespoke design, unlimited API docs and guides as well as baked-in SEO optimisation.

What do we believe?

API docs & guides have been neglected for too long

We believe that developers are more likely to invest the time and energy required in integrating your solution if the API docs and guides experience is a great one. Why not give it the care and attention you give your main marketing site?

What do you want?

You want a great API docs & guides experience for devs

There are lots of API docs and guides solutions on the market. Most of them start from a very different place to us.

We cover all the bases, including ingesting your Swagger or OpenAPI file, but we place a lot of focus on ensuring non-technical users can also support guide creation and maintenance. This gets done by pairing cutting-edge API docs tech with Contento, our powerful yet intuitive CMS.

Who are we building for?

Help Docs is for those who want a beautiful API docs & guides experience

Help Docs is for tech leads who value the importance of great docs and guides and how they can influence adoption.

We’re also an excellent fit for marketing leaders who want to ensure content is easily managed by non-technical contributors, stopping the problem of the dev team ending up with siloed content that marketing can’t contribute to.

How are we different?

We feel that API docs & guides have been sidelined for too long

API docs and guides should blend seamlessly into the marketing website - with great design, relevant internal links and fast load times. For many companies they are neglected, and hidden away.

We think they need to be elevated in confidence, with the same standards that apply to modern, cutting-edge websites.

Josh Angell CTO of Contento
Judge a book by it’s cover

Great looking API docs that load quickly and are well designed send a very strong signal that the underlying app has the same level of detail in play.


Upgrade your API docs & guides

Don’t judge a book by the cover they say. We are not so sure.

We feel that beautifully designed API docs & guides, that load quickly, are up-to-date and easy to search sends a stronger signal than the average API docs & guides you see most of the time.

What do you think?

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