Beautiful, modern, blazingly fast API Docs powered by Headless CMS

Help Docs is the modern way to provide API docs to your customers.

Pages are statically generated, so they are blazingly fast and secure and we parse your Swagger or OpenAPI files to keep everything up to date automatically.

Add your own content managed guides, backed by Contento which makes it easy for non-technical teams to get involved.

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What is Help Docs?

Help Docs is a developer portal with API docs & long-form guides all in one place. You get the full Content Management System experience from Contento with all the resultant benefits of a Headless CMS, plus auto generated Reference API docs from your Swagger or Open API files.

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Who is Help Docs for?

Help Docs is for those who put a premium on hand written documentation which can be easily managed via an intuitive Content Management System. It is perfect for those who plan to create a lot of hand written guides and want an easy to use CMS so non-technical people can manage and maintain the content. You also don't want them to be located in a separate system.

An added benefit of a Headless CMS approach is you get all the advantages of a Headless CMS setup - specifically strong performance (especially speed), SEO, and in Contento’s case a CMS designed with the needs of non technical users in mind.

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How are we different?

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Easy to Use

Long Form Guides

Help Docs is perfect for those creating long form guides alongside auto-generated reference API docs from Swagger / Open API.

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Easy to Customise

Bespoke Design

Customise the design & take full advantage of a full CMS experience with images, video and code examples that non-technical users can manage.

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Blazingly Quick

Modern Tech Stack

Build on a modern tech stack and enjoy all the benefits of a Headless architecture; strong performance, flexibility & scalability.

Backed by Contento Headless CMS

Enjoy the resultant benefits from using a cutting edge modern CMS.

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Supports flexible & bespoke front-end design

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Easy to use for both technical and non-technical writers

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Great SEO with our in-built SEO module

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Blazingly fast page load speeds for your site

What is Contento?

Contento is a Headless Content Management System for Websites.

Unlike other Headless CMS’ it is designed specifically with the needs of the marketing team in mind. It is perfectly suited for those looking to scale their Developer portal, and who want a great experience for users. Fast page load times, indexed in Google to aid discovery, great design and built to showcase the power of your solution.

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Key Features

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Beautiful Bespoke Design

Time to promote your developer portal as an asset

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Long Form Guides

Easy to use intuitive CMS for non technical users

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Reference API Docs

Auto generated documents from your Swagger / OpenAPI files

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Designed for Speed

All the best bits, none of the bloat - reduces page load speeds

Modern Tech Stack

Fully static site, powered by Contento Headless CMS

SEO & Search

Reduce support queries with accessible guides

Case Study is the only all-in-one platform custom-built for client work operations, with best-in-class project management and complete performance reporting. They were looking for a beautifully designed front-end (base template from Tailwind), flexible long-form guides and articles, and a cutting-edge reference API docs solution. All this needed to be managed and maintained by a mix of technical and non-technical users.

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Peter Coppinger - Co-Founder and Investor of Contento
Peter Coppinger - CEO

Our API docs look great, are fast to load and by using a Headless CMS (Contento) it means that we can let non-technical users easily manage and maintain our guides in parallel.


Upgrade your API docs & guides

Don’t judge a book by the cover they say. We are not so sure.

We feel that beautifully designed API docs & guides, that load quickly, are up-to-date and easy to search sends a stronger signal than the average API docs & guides you see most of the time.

What do you think?

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